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Tailored Approaches for Mid-Sized Projects: For mid-sized projects, such as boutique hotels, restaurants, or offices, we offer tailored approaches to ensure that every aspect of the procurement process is aligned with the project’s specific needs. Our team of experts will work closely with clients to identify the most suitable furniture products, manage logistics, and provide personalised service to ensure the successful completion of the project.


We are able to enhance any MID-Size project by finding furniture and furnishing accessories capable of giving elegance and style by looking at the proposals of the best furniture brands. The goal is to move towards quality solutions, able to integrate perfectly into any context and to offer an excellent balance between aesthetics, quality and price.

Indoor Custom

Custom products for Furniture, Lighting, Complements and Accessories. Ideal for Boutique Hotels, Residences and medium-small projects.

Indoor Style

Modern, contemporary, industrial, ethnic, vintage, classic. Suitable products for any interior design project.

Indoor Materials

Fabrics, upholstery, precious woods, worked metals, marbles, ceramics, parquets, boiseries, … the best of South East Asian and European production.

Indoor Brands

The best furniture brands from all over South East Asia and Made in Italy.


We are able to find a vast choice of outdoor furniture suitable for every need, with proposals declined in various styles, from classic to contemporary and design, for private and public environments. Wooden furnishings that give warm and natural tones, in light and practically indestructible aluminum, in rattan and natural fibers. Each product follows the indications of the market and the customer’s choices.

Outdoor Wood

Deal for those who love outdoor furniture in teak, mahogany, bamboo, rattan both for gardens, terraces and open spaces.

Outdoor Metal

High quality and design products for any type of open space suitable for all latitudes, temperatures and weather conditions.

Outdoor Sustainable & Naturel

Materials from FSC certified forests, natural fibers, recycled packaging, … with a view to sustainability and respect for the environment.